Dingoes are also known as wild dogs, in Latin they’re called canis lupus dingo, and in English ‘Australian Wild dog’. But this animal is not like other dogs anywhere in the world.

Scientists have spent much time debating about it, but in 2014 they were declared their own species. The most common belief is that they were introduced into Australia around 10.000 to 3.000 years ago.

It’s likely they came from Asia and are possibly descendent from the Indian wolf. There are also scientists who believe the dingo descents from the original hound.

The dingoes on Fraser Island are used to people, who are sometimes foolish enough to feed them. But you should always keep your distance and allow them space to move away.

You can also spot whales in the water around Fraser Island, which is a popular thing to do all around Australia. There are different ways of encountering these animals, sometimes you see a tail splash in the distance, and sometimes you get this…

The video below shows a father and his daughter fishing quietly in a little boat, until they get some unexpected visitors. A slightly scary, but unforgettable experience. Have a look for yourself: