About me and Amazing Places

Are you passionate about travel and 'our' Mother Earth? Let's meet. I'm Corno van den Berg, an award-winning Travel Writer from the Netherlands. I've worked for several newspapers and magazines, but I want to find other travelers and exchange tips. On Amazing Places I want to share my tips about the real gems of Mother Earth. Places you want to visit once in your life. So join me on this trip of a lifetime!

The maker

After finishing the School for Journalism in Utrecht in The Netherlands I wanted to travel the world. Like most of us, I guess. It started in 1994 with a five month trip through the United States, Mexico and Canada. I bought a car (after getting my US driver's license) and started driving. After many thrilling experiences I wanted to become a Travel Writer. Since then I've published in many magazines and newspaper about travel in The Netherlands. I've started in 2009 with a website in Dutch called Droomplekken.nl.


The idea

My love for Mother Earth brings me all over the planet. On the road I often think: 'Stunning, others should see this as well.' But also: 'If I would have known this before, I would have done it differently.' On Amazing Places I'm giving tips about the most beautiful and interesting places and to really make the most of your trip. I took many photos on the website myself. What started as a hobby, has become a passion. I've also selected photos from other travelers, for instance from Flickr.


The list of Amazing Places

What do you see as an Amazing Place? Think of an Amazing Place like:

Cities of the World, like New York and Paris.
Cities of Culture, like Agra (India) because of the Taj Mahal.
National parks, like the Grand Canyon (US) and Kruger National Park (South-Africa). And monuments of nature, like Antarctica.
Monuments of culture, like the Great Wall of China.
Islands or group of islands, like Bali and Hawaii.
Check my current listing, it's a mix of favorite places on the planet. With historical or biological value. In what state is it? How is tourism handled? Of course I also look at the UNESCO-list of World Heritage, the RAMSAR-convention and lots of leading publications.


The list grows and grows

Amazing Places is a new website. And growing every day. I still travel a lot and more Amazing Places will follow. Connect with me: email, Facebook or Twitter.


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